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Have a Merry Time at Hofsas House, Carmel-by-The-Sea!

Returning to Hofsas House is returning to our home away from home. Located at the beautiful Carmel by The Sea, a town full of spirit, love, and charm will have you dreaming of one day living there.

Carmel-by-the-Sea is a stunning beach city on California's Monterey Peninsula. Carmel-by-the-Sea is known for its museums, library of the historic Carmel Mission, and the fairytale cottages and galleries of its village-like center. The Scenic Bluff Path runs from surf spot Carmel Beach to bird-rich Carmel River State Beach, with a scuba entry point. South lie the sea animals and whaling museum of Point Lobos State Natural Reserve.

Hofsas House Hotel is a boutique family-owned inn with 38 uniquely decorated, spacious rooms. Located three blocks north of Ocean Avenue, eight blocks from the picturesque white sand Carmel beach and one block from a child-friendly City park. Hofsas House rooms have an ocean view overlooking the pines in the village of Carmel-by-the-Sea and it’s breathtaking. My favorite, the dutch doors that allow you to open the door for fresh ocean breeze with the fireplace roaring. Our room had a private balcony, wet bar, kitchen, and fireplace. Carmel-by-the-Sea is a hop skip and away from Monterey, Cannery Row, Fisherman's Wharf, Pebble Beach and 17 Mile Drive.

When visiting Carmel there are a few things you MUST do! Have dinner at Carmel's Bistro Giovanni, the best Italian food you will ever have. P loved it so much that during dinner he took his bread, buttered it and put his spaghetti on top and promptly ate it.

Next up, Carmel Bakery a quaint bakeshop dispensing European-style pastries & pretzels, coffee, soups & sandwiches. Carmel Bakery was established in 1899 and is now Carmel’s oldest running retail business in Carmel-by-the-Sea and has been owned by the Pèpe family since 1986. As a matter of fact, it is the oldest building still standing in the village. Anything you get will be a home run, P highly recommends the ice cream. When we walked by he looked at me and said, “mama we have to go and get ice cream.”

When visiting a small town full of history, you need to visit one of the last toy stores around, Thinker Toys. Thinker Toys is the greatest toy store EVER! Remember when we were growing up and we had toy stores that we’d walk into and look at all the shiny new toys and books, discover the new. This is exactly what Thinker Toys is, heaven for our little ones.

When you’re walking around town or just wanting to go to the park for a picnic, 5th Ave. deli will make your adventure truly magical! Pair it up with a wine from Blair Winery and you’re set. The charming Blair Estate Tasting Room is situated in Paseo San Carlos Courtyard in downtown Carmel-By-The-Sea. It’s right in the heart of the shopping and restaurant district. Which by the way is next to the Cheese Shop and Carmel Honey Store. The Cheese Store is unbelievable, cheeses from around the world and the Carmel Honey Store began as a student “real world” homework assignment by a 5th grader!

This holiday season Fisherman's Wharf has a festive boat parade and it’s especially fun. Make sure you eat at Big Fish Grill, the restaurant has window seating, so wherever you’re sitting you’ll see the boat parade. Make your dinner reservations at 5:30 and settle in. The food is amazing, definitely order the Bang Bang Shrimp and Creamy Clam Chowder Sourdough bread bowl. Get ready to be blown away, their food is delicious and it’s comfort food, the kind that fills you up and makes you feel good.

Fisherman’s Wharf is decked to the nines for Christmas. It's the most wonderful time of the year, MerryTime at the Wharf! Check out the annual Lighted Boat Parade, PIER 39 and Ghirardelli Square to see there beautifully decorated trees.

Thank you Hofsas House for inviting us back, your hotel is so much more than just a hotel. It’s a slice of heaven, a place to go to unwind, relax and fall in love with life. You’ll appreciate the beauty of what nature has to offer, the sound of the waves crashing, the fresh air and most importantly the entire family is welcome to Hofsas House, your four-legged baby. Read more about Hofsas House and its rich history here. You’ll find it enchanting and most of all I hope you experience Hofsas House and everything it has to offer, you’ll fall in love and never want to leave.

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