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Christmas Fun in 5!

My favorite family Christmas tradition is playing family board games with the fireplace roaring in the background. These memories that my parents built with me, I’m blessed to be passing it along to my kiddo. The holidays are all about getting the family together, food and the party afterward, GAMES! Let the competition begin, I am not one to lose, lol. Tell me what’s your favorite holiday go to game and how it makes you feel, I’d love to know.

Joy is central to Christmas and our joy is playing family games! That warm fuzzy feeling you get when I know I’m going to beat my grandmother at Sorry. Yes, I said that I love winning and the entire family, including kiddos, knows that I take my family games seriously. It’s a running joke, Kathy is in it to win it. Now you ask what I’m winning, nothing, it’s just fun to see everyone on their toes aiming to win. And yes, I do lose, truthfully it doesn't matter if I win or lose, it’s nice to be around everyone, talking, laughing and soaking in the moment. But, don’t let my fam bam know this! Our go to Christmas Classic Games Sorry, Uno, Apples to Apples and Pictionary.,

Make sure to click on the “Christmas Fun in 5” downloadable PDF. It contains super fun 5-minute activities you can do with your family and friends over the Holiday to laugh, bond and have a blast! It also includes some cool facts about the “whys” and history behind some of the most time-honored Christmas traditions!

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