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Ploey The Movie!

Thank you DIRECTV and Viva Kids Films for inviting us to celebrate Ploey The Movie premiere and flying lessons at iFlyUS. Ploey The Movie is a sweet and endearing story about a little chicken overcoming his fears and believing in himself. A story full of heart and love, what every kiddo needs to see and adults. Ploey The Movie reminds us, that everything we need is within ourselves. Ploey, an energetic and lively plover chick, likes running through the meadows and playing in the fields with his best friend Ploveria. But when autumn comes and the annual migration south occurs, he is left behind. Ploey The Movie will be on DIRECTV on March 28th. At IFlyUS we learned how to fly and found our wings, it was amazing. Our iFlyUS experience was remarkable, my bucket list item was checked off, now I know what it feels like to jump out of a plane without the death-defying experience, it’s SPECTACULAR, freeing and what a rush. When you have a moment such as this, you work up an appetite. Our lunch was catered by Buca Di Beppo our FAVORITE place! We knew the food was going to be YUMMY and it was not a letdown. The entire iFlyUS moment reminded me of Ploey, it's intimidating to step into the wind tunnel and fly, but once you take that leap of faith, you can conquer the world.

Make sure you down load DIRECTV app so you can stream Ploey The Movie!

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