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Talk about major inspiration! This weekend’s Happy Mom Conference focused on self love, connection, empowerment and finding yourself outside of motherhood. All moms are going through similar challenges trying to balance it all, and the conference really hit on something special by normalizing those feelings. We’re all going through it!

The first panel was “Self Care Rituals” where we heard from Kellly LeVaque, Dr. Deepika Chopra, Liz Arch and Marcy Crouch on way to nourish our mind, body and soul. One big tip was actually a seemingly small one: when you drive home, take those few extra minutes in the car to yourself. That little time to yourself can mean everything.

The next panel, “Mamas Making Change,” were mamas that own or represent companies and nonprofits doing work to make positive change in our communities. We heard from Robyn Young, Mara Martin, Sarah Hines, Samantha Razook and Monica Brown. It was especially empowering to hear Mara Martin, the supermodel who walked the Sports Illustrated runway while breastfeeding her then 5 month old baby and how she stands to normalize breastfeeding.

Keynote speaker Ali Landy spoke about the 4 interior empires – mindset (the words we tell ourselves), heartset (our emotional state), healthset (sleep, nutrition) and soulset (what lights us on fire). She explained that all these empires need to be in sync to find true happiness in life. And she finished with, “we only have one life, let’s make it a masterpiece!”

Panel of “Brand Founders” featured mama moguls who are CEOs of their own companies. Featured Haely White and Sam Gustradt, Katie Richardson, Tylynn Nguyen, Agath Achindu and Susan Yara. One common thread they all agreed on was: “just do it” – don’t wait until your product or idea is perfect, just move forward and try.

Keynote speaker Kendra Scott spoke on body positivity, motherhood and the pressures and expectations placed on women. She had her first baby 6 months ago and has been surprised at the reaction of people throughout the process. She explains “getting your body back” is somewhat unrealistic with immense pressure and instead, we should look at becoming mothers as our greatest superpower. The Happy Mom Conference was an amazing day full of connection and inspiration. Already looking forward to next year!

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