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Toy Story 4 "Takeover” at Disney Store

Toy Story in theaters June 21, 2019.

Thank you Shop Disney for inviting me to the Toy Story 4 "Takeover" at Glendale Galleria Shop Disney Store. It was such an amazing party, the magic of Disney is very real, you feel like a child filled with love, hope and excitement that is combustible. Take a look here at all the pictures and videos of the Toy Story 4 "Takeover" celebration.

Shop Disney Stores (check your locations) will bring the adventures of Woody and his friends to life with games, trivia and the most amazing toys, apparel and accessories inspired by Toy Story 4. Throughout the month of June (June 1 – 30), guests will be able to enjoy the following activities at Disney store:

  • Free Toy Story inspired events and trivia for the whole family every day from 3pm – 4pm (local time)

  • Test their gaming skills with "Star Adventurer,” a game where guests need to toss a ball to help fuel a rocket’s engine

  • Two interactive digital games inspired by the film and fan-favorite and new characters including the Buzz, Woody, the Aliens, Ducky & Bunny and more

  • Fans in the New York area can visit the Disney store at Times Square for a paid photo experience on the Disney store Times Square Spectacular screen and get their hands on a limited-edition pin as part of one of the photo experience package

Disney fans who participate in the in-store events will get a free sticker and have the opportunity to buy a set of special Disney store event Ducky and Bunny figurines for $5.00. Now my FAVORITE toy(s) is the Toy Story interactive "Talking Action Figures” and Toy Story 4 "Shufflerz.” The interactive "Talking Action Figures” feature more than 10 phrases when played alone or with another character. They can detect other interactive "Talking Action Figures” to unlock special messages between Buzz Lightyear, Woody, Rex, Jessie and Bullseye, along with the newest Toy Story 4 additions, Bo Peep - complete with her updated look - and Forky. The figures will be available on May 31 in Disney stores and on shopDisney.

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