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DEEP OCEAN EXPLORERS: Uncover the mysteries of the Mariana Trench on a voyage to the planet's de

When you come across a summer camp that brings so much happiness, joy and makes learning fun, that’s truly the definition of WINNING! My heart exploded when I asked my little one, “what did you think of your first week of Camp Galileo?” His exact response, “AMAZING, I loved all the projects at camp, it was so much fun learning about Ocean Explorers.”

Here’s how drop off is every morning at Camp Galileo, music blaring that’ll have you dancing, camp directors greeting all the kids with their extravagant hats and warm smiles. At the end of the day they sincerely want to know if kiddo had a great day and what they learned. Galileo is a tight knit family and once you’re part of it, it’s spectacular. See below what kiddo learned his first week. Now, here’s the important information you need to know now, it’s not to late to change kiddos camp for this year if you’d like, visit to find your nearest location. Talk about a fantastic incentive, if you tell your friends about Galileo and you can earn up to $100 in rewards for every new friend you refer.


Craft art depicting extraordinary ocean dwellers from nudibranchs to basket stars to bioluminescent jellyfish. Engineer deep-sea exploration vessels and inventions inspired by octopus tentacles or coral creatures. Chart a course for innovation and take the plunge into an unforgettable underwater adventure.

Art: Peek through your porthole to create a layered underwater scene from the shallowest ocean reefs to the bottom of the Mariana trench, complete with painted depth gradients, a textured environment, and stenciled sea creatures. Collaborate with your fellow ocean explorers to mold, dye, and detail a multi-branched, spiral-tendrilled basket star.

Science: Investigate the coral reefs of the Mariana Islands and then build your own, using paper folding and taping techniques to model the size, structure, and strength of the real thing. Engineer a jellyfish that travels like the Velella—the “by-the-wind sailor” that travels on the ocean’s surface by tilting its sail into the wind.

Outdoors: Right your ship and find your way back to port by navigating the correct course through the ocean without making a wrong move. Transform into a shark and work alongside your team to swim away from fisherman trying to trap you in their tank.

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