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Have you visited Aquatica yet? I have to be forthcoming, I had never heard of Aquatica in San Diego and when I received the invitation to take my family I thought, “let’s check this out.” I’m so glad we did, it’s wickedly fun! Where were these places when I was a kid? It’s the ultimate fun zone for the entire family.

Now for the great part, as if Aquatica couldn't get any better, you can bring in your food. My little one has food allergies and it’s always a relief when I can pre-pack his meals & snack, this way I know exactly what he’s eating and how it’s prepared. When I walked through the entrance I explained my yogi basket of goodies was filled with food for my little one and no problems arose.

When you walk in the very first thing you need to do is beeline it to the Cabana desk to immediately reserve a cabana. Trust me, when you’re there you will want your cabana, the piece of mind it brings is priceless. The cabana has a refrigerator, patio furniture and most importantly you can close off your cabana for privacy. Mama’s this is great when your kiddo is tired and needs to rest, close off the world and breath. When you need to change clothes, or the obvious when your kiddo starts flipping out, close the cabana curtains and allow them to have their meltdown in privacy. YOU NEED A CABANA!

There’s so much to do, from BIG SURF SHORE, you can enjoy swells of up to 5 feet high in more than 500,000 gallons of water at Big Surf Shores. LOGGERHEAD LANE, relax and take in the scenery as you lie on a tube and float along our 1,250-foot long lazy river. SLIPPITY DIPPITY where your littlest kid will soak up the fun on a children's slide and find the waterfall area irresistible. WALKABOUT WATERS which is loads of hands-on fun is in store with slides, hoses, jets, geysers and more.

Prepare yourself, they have an abundance of rides and slides. HOOROO RUN gets your adrenaline pumping on HooRoo Run's two enclosed and two open-air slides. The steepest drop offers 80 feet of pure thrills. KIWI CURL, where you’re sure to meet excitement on any of these high-speed, twisting-and-turning slides. TASSIE'S TWISTER you’ll climb aboard this four-person cloverleaf ride and get ready for a spinning good time. TAUMATA RACER is a high-speed racing water slide for those who prefer life in the fast lane. WALHALLA WAVE you’ll Climb aboard a family-size raft and share a splashing good time down this 78-foot ride. WHANAU WAY, Whoosh down one of six different 60-foot paths to a splash-filled destination. WOOHOO FALLS is for the thrill-seeking adventurer, choose from three different slides with one of them in the dark.

The Flamingo encounter is phenomenal if you love flamingos as much as we do sign-up for the exclusive keeper-led animal encounter. You'll be allowed to spend up-close time with the flamingos inside their habitat A personal session with an Aviculturist as they share unique facts and personal stories about the lives of our flamingos.

You see what I mean, there’s so much to do and you have all day to do it! Thank you Aquatica for having us, we had the best time ever.

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