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A Rock Dog 2: Rock Around the Park🤘🏻 is on DVD/Blu-ray June 15th!

Are you ready to Rock?? Thank you Lionsgate Studios for our Rock Dog 2: Rock Around the Park mailer! We partied like a rock star for our new music gear.

A Rock Dog 2: Rock Around the Park🤘🏻 is coming to Digital on June 11th and DVD/Blu-ray on June 15th!

One year after the events of the first film, Bodi and his friend Darma and Germur, have formed their own rock band "True Blue" at Snow Mountain. The sheep villagers and most of the wolves, formerly from Linnux's pack, have taken up residence and are huge fans of True Blue, including a pair of teenage red pandas named Wei and Shumai. Bodi's biggest fan is his father Khampa.

Meanwhile in the City, life goes on at Rock n' Roll Park, until Riff and Skozz, former wolf pack members turned police officers, arrive with a demolition crew and a city ordinance. Upon noticing that the ordinance has yet to be passed, the parkgoers form a protest. Observing the conflict is sheep music mogul Lang, who has hired Treyto assist in a sinister plan to stir up the parkgoers into disorder so he arrange a benefits concert to save the park, attracting musicians everywhere. He then orders Otto, a German wolf scientist, to finish a crossroads recording booth as part of his plan. Lang also watches media uploads of Bodi's performances and his blue energy wave as being prominent.

Next morning, Bodi awakens from a dream of him saving the world with his music, but cannot remember the inspirational musical riff, but is assured that it will return in time. They share breakfast with Khampa's recently arrived parents Norbu and Maydow, who value tradition and not forgetting who they are. Fleetwood Yak then arrives to inform everyone of a monument for True Blue being built in the village. Lang soon arrives at Snow Mountain, inviting True Blue to go on tour with pop star sensation Lil' Foxy.

While Bodi is excited at the opportunity for the world to hear his music, Khampa is highly suspicious of Lang and his motives, but allows Bodi to accept and reminds him to stay true to himself. As Bodi and his friends depart, Germur accidentally drops his keychain, which is placed on Bodi's monument, starting a disturbing trend. Wei and Shumai also come to the City as prominent fan-support.

In the City, Bodi and his friends are met by Lang, who arrives in Angus Scattergood's tour bus with Ozzie, as a favour owed. While Bodi and Darma have initial objections, the tour bus is given a new paint job. Lil' Foxy then arrives and Bodi is dazzled. Despite a rough start, True Blue quickly rises in popularity, sharing the spotlight with Lil' Foxy, but the fame soon starts to exhaust Bodi and his friends.

Upon arriving at Rock n' Roll Park, True Blue observes the protest and Lang's announcement to prevent the demolition from continuing. Bodi is then called away by Lang. Unknown to him, however, is that Lang is really Linnux in disguise, who has become obsessed with becoming a rock star since he experienced Bodi's blue energy wave, but possesses no musical talent.

Resuming his identity of Lang, he encourages Bodi to change his name and image, citing Lil' Foxy as an example as how she achieved fame and fortune. Bodi visits Lil' Foxy and learns about her daily life, learning that her real name is Frances, and begins to bond with her.

Bodi decides to change his name and image to make it big, much to Darma and Germur's displeasure, which forms a rift between them and Bodi as he continues to lose his personal image to fit in with popularity. Snow Mountain is also losing its sense of self when Khampa brings tourists, though his parents are divided about the decision of tradition versus living dreams. After a fierce argument, Darma and Germur split from Bodi, severing True Blue.

Lang then introduces Bodi to the crossroads recording booth, which has the ability to absorb Bodi's blue energy, creating a dark storm outside the City, while Snow Mountain is buried in an avalanche. Khampa is the only supposed casualty.

When Bodi recovers, Lang reveals his intent to steal Bodi's powers and then has him thrown out, where he is also disfellowshipped by Wei and Shumai. Lang is empowered, manifested in a green energy, and throws Lil' Foxy out, as well. Alone and broken, Bodi soon encounters Ozzy, who arrives to inform him of Snow Mountain's destruction. Immediately returning home, Bodi reunites with his grandparents and Khampa was found to have survived. Having learned from their mistakes, Bodi and Khampa regain their sense of self and Bodi's "fire" is restored when he recognises the world-saving riff from his dream as an early childhood melody played by his grandfather. Bodi returns to the City to confront Lang.

At Rock n' Roll Park, the benefits concert begins with Darma and Germur on stage, only for Lang to start playing his music, unleashing a green energy wave that seals everyone inside the park and hypnotizing them into mindless zombies. As Bodi arrives and meets up with Lil' Foxy, Wei and Shumai also arrive to make amends. Bodi and Lil' Foxy are assisted by Ozzie into the park, where they face Lang, who unmasks himself as Linnux.

Wei and Shumai throw Bodi's guitar to him, starting an energy shred-off against Linnux. Bodi is momentarily overwhelmed by Linnux's green energy, but Lil' Foxy quickly snaps him out of it with his personal guitar pick and he revives Darma and Germur, who join him and Lil' Foxy against Linnux, defeating him and sending him flying out of the park, freeing everyone of his hypnotic control. The blue energy soars to Snow Mountain and restores the village.

Bodi apologises to Darma and Germur, who forgive him and True Blue is restored, with Lil' Foxy joining. They host a concert together at the park, with Khampa, his parents, and everyone from Snow Mountain sharing in the celebration. The film closes with Bodi releasing another blue energy wave.


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