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Thank you Apple TV+ for an amazing junket with Daytime Emmy and Parent’s Choice Award-Winning ”Helpsters!”

Season Two Now Available on Apple TV+ Featuring. Helpsters Halloween /

Storyteller Sophia (Episode 4)

Season Two includes Helpsters Halloween/Storyteller Sophia (Episode 4).  The Helpsters were so busy that they forgot to plan for Halloween. Sophia is getting ready for the big day and needs help thinking of a scary story!

Helpsters is created by Sesame Workshop, a program that helps our preschool kiddos to start learning about concepts and solving problems. It’s about the importance of breaking down a bigger task into smaller parts, sequencing what needs to be done, then putting everything back together again.

Personally, I believe Helpsters is wonderful for elementary school children as well, not only preschool kids. There’s so much to learn and explore, Helpsters opens the lines of communications, allows kids to ask questions, dream of what could be and what can be.

As you know, what’s important to me and all parents, what are our children learning when watching Helpsters. What’s the take away? I had an opportunity to ask this very question? See the entire press junket below. 

Q:  Jordan, what would you like your audience to learn from Helpsters?

JORDAN:  One of the biggest things that we’re

attempting to get our kid audiences to learn big picture. Is some pre-coding, uh, techniques.  Pre-coding sounds, very, very scary.  It’s really not. There’s a lot of foundational things that are in coding.  That kids just do on a daily basis, things like, putting things into a sequence.  Things like looping, Cody had just mentioned before.  Where you just do something over and over and over again, but that’s not it, I mean, beyond that.  We also want to have kids, learn about teamwork.

JORDAN:  We wanna have them learn about task? Persistence, and the way that you do that, is just organically through the episode.  You have characters, or the monsters, or the customers who come in, get hit with an insurmountable problem that the-the audiences will just say, “Well there’s no way they’re getting passed this.”  And they’ll work together to overcome that and then just beyond those curricular things.  I think the other thing that we’re looking to really get across on this show is, you don’t have to do everything by yourself.  You don’t have to be alone, if you have something that affects you, you could just go out and talk to somebody, or ask for help.

JORDAN:  Every episode that we have, starts with a customer coming in and asking for help.  And the more, especially during this time, that we can model that for kids. That if they’re feeling something inside, they can go to their

parents or to a caregiver, or even to their friends and say, “I think I could use some help, And I wanna talk to you about this.”  That would be something, especially during this time, uh, I think we’d feel really good inside that we helped them learn that.


Had an extremely delightful conversation with Cody (Puppeteer Stephanie D’Abruzzo)

Jordan Geary (Senior Director of Production and Development, Sesame Workshop)! Halloween landscape is different this year but it’s not cancelled! make sure to watch the entire interview!


In Season Two of "Helpsters," preschoolers continue to explore the power of teamwork as puppets Cody, Scatter, Mr. Primm and Heart join a cadre of new celebrity and musical guests to solve problems. The Helpsters approach any challenge – from party-planning to magic trick mastery, and even mountain-climbing – with a can-do attitude, because everything starts with a plan.

Featured guest stars in the new season include Terry Crews, Danny Trejo, Gabby Douglas, Christopher Meloni, Richard Kind, Michael Ian Black, Janeane Garofalo, Michelle Buteau, and Judah Friedlander, with musical guests including Talib Kweli, Matt Berninger, Jason Mraz, K. Flay, Norah Jones, and Ingrid Michaelson.

Emmy Award winner and Parents’ Choice Gold Medal winner Tim McKeon (“Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends: Destination Imagination,” “Odd Squad”) is the creator and showrunner of “Helpsters.” He and Sesame Workshop’s executive vice president of Creative and Production Kay Wilson Stallings are executive producers.

The recipient of a Parents’ Choice Gold Medal Award and Common Sense Media Award, “Helpsters” has been recognized as "immersive, educational, and entertaining.” The series teaches young viewers important lessons in pre-coding skills and inspires self-confidence, collaboration, effective communication and much more.

All episodes from the second season of “Helpsters” are available now in the Apple TV+.


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