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Get Ready for an Epic Summer with These Must-Have Products as seen on KTLA!

Baseball BBQ Grilling:

Are you a baseball fan who loves grilling? Look no further than Baseball BBQ for all your grilling needs. From baseball-themed grill tools to clothing that shows off your love for the sport, Baseball BBQ has got you covered. Visit their website at to find the perfect gear for your summer cookouts.


JCPenney is your one-stop shop for all things summer. Whether you're looking for the newest inflatables like the cabana bar, something for your little one, or even a Barbie car, JCPenney has it all. Head over to to browse their extensive collection and get ready to make a splash this summer.

Land's End:

Get ready to hit the beach in style with Land's End. For men, they offer a wide range of swimwear options and seersucker shirts that are perfect for a day by the water. Ladies, you'll love their selection of swimsuits and mix & match options that allow you to create your own unique look. Visit to find the perfect summer outfits.

Sidney Byron:

Complete your beach look with a trendy beach tote from Sidney Byron. Their stylish and spacious totes are perfect for carrying all your summer essentials. From sunscreen to towels and everything in between, Sidney Byron has got you covered. Check out their website at to find the perfect beach tote for your summer adventures.

C4 Drinks:

Stay energized and refreshed this summer with C4 Drinks. As America's fastest-growing energy drink brand, C4 offers a range of delicious and invigorating energy drinks. Whether you need a boost before hitting the gym or want to stay energized during your outdoor activities, C4 Drinks has the perfect option for you. Visit to explore their wide variety of flavors.


Keep your drinks cold and refreshing with Brütank. These innovative and stylish insulated can holders are perfect for summer gatherings and outdoor adventures. Visit to browse their collection and find the perfect Brütank to keep your beverages chilled all summer long.


Stay hydrated and replenish your electrolytes with GoHydrate. Their electrolyte powder mix is perfect for hot summer days when you need an extra boost of hydration. Visit to discover their range of flavors and stay refreshed throughout the summer.

Get ready for an unforgettable summer with these must-have products. From grilling like a pro with Baseball BBQ to staying stylish and hydrated with Sidney Byron and GoHydrate, these essentials will ensure that you have the best summer ever. Don't forget to visit JCPenney, Land's End, C4 Drinks, Brütank, and GoHydrate's websites to explore their full range of products and make this summer one to remember.


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