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Every Dog Owner's, "Must Have" on This Years Wish List!

Anyone with pets at home knows the love and support they provide daily. Two sisters, Yumiko and Ayako and the founders of Bazzy's Kefir, wanted to create frozen, pet-friendly treats after Yumiko's rescue dog, Bazzy, kept having itchy, uncomfortable skin issues from allergies. Being big believers in the immunity-boosting effects of kefir, the sisters developed frozen, pet-friendly treats from the cultured probiotic, and Bazzy became their official taster. Nomming kefir treats helped clear up Bazzy’s skin, allowing his patchy coat to grow in thick and shiny, and it made him a pretty happy pup too. This set them off on their journey to create a health-conscious brand that would hopefully shift the pet industry toward healthier foods and away from the past's unhealthy pet fillers.

Kefir is a powdered probiotic that has friendly bacteria and yeast that is great for improving gut health and providing science-based health benefits such a skin and allergy support. Bazzy's Kefir uses vegan-friendly coconut milk and kefir grains to create fermentation to produce treats that help with immunity-boosting, decreased inflammatory response, bone health, antibacterial/antifungal properties, skin and wound helping support, and great nutrients like vitamin B12, calcium, magnesium, folate and more. Also, unlike yogurt, the bacteria and yeast in Kefir can colonize in the intestinal tract, which provides more benefits for animals for a more extended period.

It's been around for hundreds of years, and every day, more people are talking about the health benefits of consuming Kefir for humans... So after seeing the effects of Kefir in our own lives, we decided to introduce it into family doggo Bazzy's diet to help health some troubling skin allergies. – Yumiko, co-founder of Bazzy's Kefir

Bazzy's Kefir's products are not only pet-friendly but also environmentally friendly. Their Blueberry Peanut Butter Frozen Kefir Treats are made with the original flavor of vegan-friendly coconut milk and kefir grains flavored with organic blueberries and a scoop of peanut butter. Along with the original flavor of frozen treats, they also have Salmon Apple Snaps, trendy "Dog Mama" socks, and compostable and biodegradable Poop Bags made out of cornstarch and plants. Their bags are unscented and without unpleasant chemicals that could damage the soil. And this is just the start for the fast-expanding Bazzy's brand!

Located in Southern California, Bazzy's Kefir's products can be found on their website, Bruno's Dog and Cat Boutique in Venice, Hollywood Super Mart. They are also working on adding their products to other local stores in the area and worldwide. They have also worked with other pet-friendly businesses in the area, like The Puppy Academy, where they share the same thought that being health-passionate with our loved pets not only means making treats and products that are good for them but also improving the well-being and lifestyles of pets.

Pet-lovers can also go to their website to visit their blog page for information about everything animals, from tips on how to help pets recover from surgery to guides to some of the best dog parks in Los Angeles. They show true passion and love for animals and the environment through the products and their mission.

“Our story is close to our hearts because it drives our mission of helping you have healthier and happier pets. We know how important it is for pet parents to have happy pets and how our beloved companions need healthy and educated humans to advocate for them.”

Their mission is to bring pet-owners all-natural and safe alternatives for their pets so that they can experience all the joys that life has to offer. They want to provide remedies to avoid even more harmful toxins. Bazzy's Kefir considers Kefir to see the best-kept secret in probiotics.

For more information about Bazzy's Kefir, click here.

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