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Singleton Foundation and Presents Marcus Bullock!

Ramen Profitable” – the original web-series on “Anyone can have an idea for a business, but it takes real grit to build it from scratch. Watch early-stage founders fight to turn a profit and get an inside look at the economics behind entrepreneurship.”

Thank you Marcus Bullock for sitting down and talking with me about Flikshop!

Marcus Bullock is an entrepreneur, justice reform advocate, and TED speaker. Mr.Bullock is the Founder and CEO of Flikshop, Inc., a software company that builds tools to help incarcerated people stay connected to their families and build community.

Flikshop prints the photo and message on a real postcard and ships it directly to any person in any jail, state or federal prison, or juvenile detention center for $0.99 each.

It typically takes 3-5 Business Days for a Flikshop to arrive in the mail to your loved one. Some facilities have different mail operations for their inmates, so it may be a little longer if that facility does not issue inmates their Flikshop postcards immediately.

When Marcus was 15 years old he was arrested and sentenced to spend 8 years in adult maximum security prisons for carjacking a man in a shopping mall parking lot. By the time he served the first 2 years he became very dark and depressed, so his mom made a promise to him in a prison visiting room.

"Marcus, I'm going to write you a letter or send you a picture every day for the remaining 6 years of your sentence.", says his mom, Ms. Bullock.

"Those letters saved my life!", claims Marcus. "I was able to see the world through my mother's lens and gave me a clear vision to what my life would look like after prison."

Today, Flikshop works hard to keep every person in every cell connected to their family members and other community resources, prior to their release...just like Marcus' mom did while he was in prison.

There are only 6 episodes on and they are all live, each are about 6-8 minutes in length. Companies featured are:

Bite: From her living room to Shark Tank, CEO Lindsay McCormick reveals how she founded Bite to solve a major environmental problem. For her business, sustainability translates to $12 million in sales.

Flikshop: After going to prison at age 15, founder marcus Bullock understood the the value of human connection. He created Flikshop, an app that sends postcards to people behind bars, to help families keep in touch with their loved one, and in turn, fight recidivsm and keep former inmates from going back to prision. Bullock soon found ways to scale his tech startup by hiring a full team and offering new in-demand services.

Museum Hack: In 2013, entrepreneur Nick Gray quit his job to bring magic into museums with renegade tours that are anything but boring. He started small, showing his friends around Manhattan’s famed Metropolitan Museum of Art for free. But with strategic planning, he successfully scaled his hobby into Museum Hack, a multimillion-dollar business with over 100 employees.

Elroy Air: Elroy Air cofounder Dave Merrill wants same-day shipping to reach every corner of the globe. The problem? Cargo planes are expensive. He set out to build a revolutionary aircraft that’s smart enough to get the job done but affordable enough for every country to access it.

WearWorks - Technology That Unlocks Independence: Cofounders Kevin Hoil Yoo and Keith Kirkland found a way to change people’s lives through design. Their innovative haptics technology, which they developed and fine-tuned despite months of limited funding, helps blind and visually impaired individuals navigate and communicate through vibrations on their skin.

Liquid Death: Mike Cessario and Steve Nilsen created this canned water company with the tag line "murder your thirst" whose company aims to remove single use plastic bottles.




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