Gilli Moon, “Beautiful Mess” OUT NOW!

I was recently invited to listed to Gilli Moon and her voice is absolutely captivating! There's something distinctly driven about Gilli Moon, she’s sensuous, powerful and full of emotion that will capture your heart. I could have listened for hours to her sing.

Allow me to introduce you Gilli Moon, I know you’ll thank me. Since her U.S. debut in 2000, Gilli Moon has released 8 albums, won 20+ international songwriting awards, published 3 books, built the world's largest non-profit social media platform for over 50,000 songwriters, and built a 100,000+ following of her own artistry. She is a self-made brand.

A girl from the Aussie 'Bush', GILLI (pronounced as with a "J") ​ took the leap to Hollywood, California 20 years ago, and has forged an incredible career to become one of the Music Industry's leading Independent Renaissance Artist Entrepreneurs and an Internationally recognized Singer/Songwriter/Producer, Author and Motivational Speaker. Her widely distributed creative work has garnered the highest praise from thoughtful critics across the globe. She is a creative disruptor... a pioneer and champion for thousands of independent artists who follow in her footsteps. ​

Gilli Moon is an Australian, Hollywood-based, singer/songwriter who has a passion for emotional songs, evoking connection, self-introspection, and personal empowerment. One of the first known “Indie Artists” of the millennium, she has pioneered a successful independent music career, with her own record label as well as a champion for thousands of independent artists who follow in her footsteps. She has a string of songwriting awards, cuts, and credits to her 25 year career span.

Born in Milan, Italy, and raised near Sydney, Australia, ​GILLI MOON is a quintessential 'triple threat' - a talent for songwriting, singing and acting, she has worked with other highly respected prominent artists including Eric Idle (with whom she toured US/Canada's major theaters and also mentioned in his book, The Greedy Bastard Tour), Placido Domingo,, Erikah Badu, Rickie Lee Jones, Simple Minds and for Jeff Buckley Estate in New York and Los Angeles for Sony Columbia Records.

Gilli has written several motivational books for artists based on her experiences in the music and general arts businesses as an artist entrepreneur, - "The 360 degree Songwriter (2018), "Just Get Out there" (2011) and "I AM A Professional Artist - the Key to Survival and Success in the World of the Arts" (2007 3rd Edition). When time permits, gilli offers artist coaching and speaks on panels about DIY, the indie movement and how to survive the business. Check out her Creative Warrior Academy and Songsalive! Everything she learns, she shares to other artists.

Make sure to download her latest album Beautiful Mess!