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Give The Gift of Reading and Empowerment!

Give the Gift of Empowerment to Children this Holiday

I‘d like to introduce you to two authors Jamiyl and Tracy-Ann Samuels. The Samuels started the nationally-recognized, award-winning book series The Amazingly Sensational Kids while raising their autistic son who was misdiagnosed for behavioral issues instead of autism (a common problem in the Black and Hispanic community) and bullied in grade school.

No child ever wants to feel left out or bullied at school for appearing a little different from the rest. Started by husband-wife team and parents of an autistic son named Trey, Jamiyl and Tracy-Ann Samuels are the co-founders of The Amazingly Sensational Kids (T.A.S.K.), a children's media company that fosters growth, creativity, and education through children's books, workshops and events. Their superhero book series Amazingly Awesome Amani (14.95, Amazon) and Sensationally Super Sandy ($13.69, Amazon), is based on their autistic son Trey and his sister Aja, which teach children about kindness, empathy and how to support special needs children. In the latest book Sensationally Super Sandy, after learning that her brother is autistic, Sandy realizes how important it is to be kind to someone who appears to be different. When Sandy sees a girl at her school being bullied for being different from the other kids, she has a choice to make. Will she ignore it or will she step in and save her? Purchase the book on for $13.95 and learn more at


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