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GloZell Green from The GloZell Show on Million Stories Sharing Her Personal Journey!

Ouch! Personal stories from GloZell who discovered the value of failure in pursuit of her dreams.

Million Stories has signed YouTuber GloZell Green for The GloZell Show, whom has an impressive 3.5 million subscribers and over 600 million views on her channel.

GloZell is best known for her challenge(s) and comedy videos, song parodies and distinctive bright green lipstick. GloZell first rose to fame in the mid-2000s for attending 600 straight tapings of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and interviewed President Obama during a live stream after his State of the Union address!

GloZell is one of YouTube’s biggest stars. And yet, when it came to money and celebrity, well, GloZell had her challenges. It’s time for GloZell to break the taboos and have a frank conversation about life, love and all of her financial blunders on The GloZell Show.

I had the opportunity to Interview Glozell, make sure to catch the video above! Glozell keeps things real and speaks from the heart.


Q: People know you best from The Cinnamon Challenge, Swimming in Cereal, Eating the Pepper... what do you want people to know you for now?

A: I like to be know for that and being a great mom, evolved comedian, and a person who isn’t afraid to tell my truths.

Q: In your Faceplant episode seen on, you said your family didn’t talk about money. What’s the biggest thing you wish they talked about?

A: I wished I knew how to circulate my money. Make my money work for me. I wish I knew how to grown and make more money.

Q: Kandee Johnson learned the entrepreneurial spirit from her dad, what are you trying to pass down to your daughter when it comes to working/money?

A: I would like to pass down some money so she doesn’t have to start from nothing, and the knowledge to keep the money and make more.

Q: What’s one piece of money advice you have for your fans?

A: Know where your money is going! Learn your spending habits.

Q: What was the worst money advice you’ve ever gotten?

A: Ooooh hmmmm not getting any money advice. Not knowing has been very detrimental for me. Or the saying money is the root of all evil.

Q: In your Faceplant episode you say “Fake it till you make it.” What’s the craziest thing you’ve done to avoid talking/dealing with your money problems?

A: Haaaaa not put my license plates on my car so the repo man won’t find my car.

Q: In your GloZell's episode of Faceplant on, you talk about how important it is to pay attention to your finances. Are you prepared in the event things go south for you?

A: I’m still south manifesting my way up. DEFINITELY pay attention next time to all things finance.

Q: is all about breaking the taboo about money. Why do you think people have such a hard time with this subject?

A: I’m still south manifesting my way up. DEFINITELY pay attention next time to all things finance.

Q: What's your best life hack to help you budget?

A: Wow hmmmm that’s what I’m learning on #TheGloZellShow tune in we will learn together. That’s my problem I don’t know ... yet.

Q: Are you aware of what your credit score is? Are you aware of why credit scores are important to begin with?

A: Welp no. I avoid knowing because I know it’s low, very bad . I had good credit once. You need credit or money right now I don’t have either.

You can watch the The GloZell Show episode on Million Stories!




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