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Gotta Have Face!

“Gotta Have Face”: “Sheer” Brilliance in Uniting Safety and Style

Innovative fabrics, fashion-forward accessories and charitable objectives set fashion industry veteran Jaye Hersh-Eigler ‘s antiviral mask collection apart.

Back in the spring, Jaye Hersh-Eigler artfully and practically applied 35 years in the fashion industry to create “Gotta Have Face™. Now, as fall rolls into winter, Hersh-Eigler has translated luxe fabrics and other materials for the launch of new face covering options and accessories that make them a true fashion statement above and beyond essential protection. She has positioned “Gotta Have Face” as the mask company that is setting the bar as a full service stand-alone mask company that’s just as well-known for its commitment to helping countless people in need in our neighborhoods and communities.

“Now that we’ve accepted that masks and face coverings are a part of our everyday life, we’ve adjusted to incorporating them into our wardrobe,” explains Hersh-Eigler. “We are coordinating clean, casual styles to our work outfits, finding elegant, sophisticated styles to dress up a date night look, and seeking out the most comfortable ones to wear when working out. Although the stylish mask evolved out of necessity, it truly has become an add on piece to wear like any other accessory.

Hersh-Eigler is particularly proud of the line’s latest addition, See You Smile™ mask, a lightweight, breathable and comfortable semi-transparent two-ply mask ($15) shown to reduce droplets from coughing as much as a CDC recommended two-ply cotton-jersey mask. Although it was originally designed to be marketed to students, teachers and those hard of hearing, it became one of the most popular items across all categories, especially among customers who have pointed out that it’s their favorite go-to mask for working out.

“After testing different masks on the market, we were able to identify design strengths and weaknesses that heavily influenced the design our of products,” says Hersh-Eigler on product development with the ‘See You Smile™’ mask and the others making up the line.“Many masks we tested were not breathable and didn’t have a universal fit. Therefore, we concentrated on fabric consistency and duration of wearability. We sourced and tested different fabric weight, content and textures that would maximize breathability and comfort. We provide extensive quality control before, during, and after production to ensure each and every piece is made to perfection for enjoyment by our customers.”

Other masks with distinctive innovations captured the public’s imagination while solving several practical problems. The “Gotta Sip” mask, featuring a discreet opening for straws which closes flat when not in use, enables wearers to enjoy drinks without removing masks. The Designer masks, some which have long waiting lists, appeal on many levels as authentic designer purse and shoe dust bags are repurposed and each one is “one-of-a-kind” based on the placement of the logo. The LED Light Up Mask ($25), meanwhile, allows the wearer to sparkle this holiday season with its foundation of high-quality breathable fiber and soft, luminous fabric holding LED lights in place.  

Hersh-Eigler points out that another recent addition, the mask chains ($15-20) clip on an extra level of elegance, security and versatility. While they help keep a mask in place or within easy reach, they also multitask as a necklace and an eyeglass chain. They are available in a variety of link styles, colors, and lengths, which reflect current international fall fashion runway trends. She points out this Gotta Have Face extension builds upon the company’s original mission to offer fashion face coverings that people will want to wear above and beyond protecting themselves, others, and the community at large.

“The detail going into fabric sourcing and the overall design ensures the quality and comfort will be the best on the market,” Hersh-Eigler affirms. “Right from the start, that commitment has brought us celebrity support as well as customers continuing to reorder masks and spread the word about what we’re doing. In fact, we’re currently operating at a 75% customer repeat rate, which speaks for itself! Beyond helping our customers make a statement through their mask, and in total comfort, we are just as proud of the fact that we have donated 100% of net proceeds from sales to the LA Food Bank which has provided almost 400,000 meals to those in need.”

The collection is available for purchase via Instagram, @gottahaveface, and on


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