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“Homeschool Sweet Homeschool!” American Housewife on ABC.

"Homeschool Sweet Homeschool"

I love to laugh, I am always typing lol with a happy face. Laughing is so important especially now a days with COVID and homeschooling it’s either you laugh or loose your mind, or a little bit of both! Lol

So when I watched AMERICAN HOUSEWIFE episode, “Homeschool Sweet Homeschool,” I was literally in tears. Katy has a melt down and it’s posted on social media. Needless to say, that is all of our fears. Not to spoil the entire episode, make sure you tune in tonight and have your second breakfast handy to watch the all new AMERICAN HOUSEWIFE that sums up 2020 homeschooling the best was possible.

American Housewife

In episode, “Homeschool Sweet Homeschool,” Katie’s (Katy Mixon) vlog, “Can Do Katie” goes viral after she accidentally posts a video of herself having a mommy meltdown while attempting to homeschool Anna-Kat (Giselle Eisenberg) and Franklin (Evan O’Toole).

“Homeschool Sweet Homeschool,” airs WEDNESDAY, NOV. 25 (8:30-9:00 p.m. EST)

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