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It's Amore! Creative Ways to Show Your Love, XO


Love is in the air as much-awaited Valentine's Day will be celebrated by loved ones of all ages on February 14. The day is known for gifts, fancy dinner dates, and an overall celebration of love, here are a few ideas to help celebrate!

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Valentine's Day: History of its name

Valentine's Day has been named after Saint Valentine, a priest who was believed to have secretly helped Christian couples get married. This was a move against the Roman Emperor Claudius II because the emperor did not allow men to get married.

Saint Valentine was of the view that single men were better and more dedicated soldiers. Saint Valentine did not agree with this ideology and facilitated the weddings of couples in love. Due to this, he was beheaded by the Emperor.

Before the beheading was done, while imprisoned, Valentine's used to care for his fellow prisoners and also his jailor's blind daughter. Legend has it that Valentine cured the girl's blindness and that his final act before being executed was to write her a love message signed 'from your Valentine'. He was then executed on February 14 in the year 270 AD.

It wasn't until more than 200 years later, that February 14 was proclaimed as St Valentine's Day. By this time Rome had become Christian and the Catholic Church was determined to stamp out any remaining paganism. A pagan fertility ritual was held in February each year and the Pope abolished this festival and proclaimed 14 February Saint Valentine's Day, thus establishing this feast day on the Catholic Calendar of Saints.

How Valentine's Day got linked with love?

The poet Geoffrey Chaucer, author of 'The Canterbury Tales', who lived during the Middle Ages was the first to link St Valentine with romantic love. This was the beginning of the tradition of courtly love, a ritual of expressing love and admiration, usually in secret.

This custom spread throughout Europe and stories grew about a High Court of Love where female judges would rule on issues related to love on 14 February each year. Historians believe that these meetings were in fact gatherings where people read love poetry and played games of flirtation.

The older practice of sending love messages gradually developed into people sending special cards expressing their affection. These cards were beautiful creations handmade by the sender and individually designed to show how much they loved the recipient. Cards would usually contain sentimental verse, proclaiming the beauty of the receiver and how much they were loved.

Initially, it was about having one valentine throughout the year. But it later evolved in the 19th century and sparked questions about the sincerity of exchanging pre-printed cards and the sanity of spending exorbitant amounts of money on them.

Valentine's Day and the exchange of valentines were a way that people in the emerging middle class in the 19th century negotiated that complicated relationship between romantic love and the economic reality of marriage.

Interesting, right?! Happy Valentine’s Day friends, I hope it’s a day filled with love, friendship and family. X


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