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MILK MONEY Director Lara Everly!

Meet #LaraEverly, born and raised in Los Angeles, who celebrates female-driven comedy and dramedy. As a filmmaker, her narrative films and documentaries have played the film festival circuit, including Santa Barbara, Napa, Austin, Bentonville, Vail and the year-long Lunafest, winning awards and procuring distribution on Amazon and iTunes. Everly has written and directed for a range of platforms including Disney, Netflix Family, Refinery29, Scary Mommy, Oprah, Funny or Die, Awestruck, Swing Left, Babycenter and more.

Lara newest project is a 10-episode doc series, Milk Money, profiling millennial parents as they navigate the rising cost of raising children. Lara wants to use her filmmaking skills to inspire joy, love, vulnerability and change. Make sure to check out #Milkmoney episodes on


Belairmommie: Lara how did you get started with Million Stories? What do you hope people take away from the episodes in Milk Money?

Lara: I have 2 young kids. When it came to thinking about money, parenthood was a huge lens shift. How to earn, spend and save money changed and it keeps changing as the family and kids grow, so I wanted to create a show where we could explore the rising costs of raising kids.

People are so layered. We were telling stories that pertained to money but we were also telling HUMAN stories and there so many beautiful pieces that came out when filming about who they people are and why they chose to become a parent.

I hope people watch MILK MONEY and feel SEEN and supported. The intention is for these living portraits to offer solidarity, community and empowerment. Hopefully you walk away feeling like you're not alone and with a some helpful resources and inspiration as well!

New MILK MONEY episode. Elena is teacher in in AZ. This story covers so many important topics from women in science, to finding your stride as a solo parent to postpartum depression.

Belairmommie: How did you pick which families to use in Milk Money?

Lara: We had 2 casting directors who helped source the families that fit the topics we wanted to cover. I also brought a few families to the project that I thought would be a good fit.

To see the entire interview click on our picture above. It’s not one to be missed!

Thank you @millionstoriesmedia @LaraEverly for your time!


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