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Minions "Free the Fun!"

FREE THE FUN this Summer with Illumination’s Minions! Sweet, subversive and always unpredictable, the Minions are back to save the day and make sure your family has the best summer yet. From toys to games and even some yummy treats, the fun never stops with the mischievous antics of Kevin, Bob, Stuart and all the beloved Minions.

Thank you @Mattel for sending us our care pacakge! All these loveable Minions may be found at all major retailers:

  • Babble Otto (Minons Babble Otto Large Interactive Toy with 20+ Sounds & Phrases)

  • Fart ‘n Fire from Mattel.

  • Exploding Minions, the first licensed game from Exploding Kitten, available at Target on June 21 and Walmart later this Summer

  • Minions LaffyTaffy Laff Bites – Gone Bananas! - Available now in select grocery and convenience stores nationwide

  • Minions Nabisco Treats - Look for Minions packages of Ritz Bits, Teddy Grahams, Barnum’s Original Animal Crackers and Minions Cookies, as well as ice cream sandwiches, in-store or online!

Illumination’s original blockbuster Minions is airing on NBC!



Exploding Minions

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FB: @explodingkittens

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