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Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2021!

Happy Mother’s Day! In that spirit, I’ve put together a list of gifts for Mother’s Day. These Mother’s Day wishes come in a variety of styles and brands, something for everyone!

Seven Bezel Ring - Larimar and Sand

Adventure seekers take note! This gorgeous multi-bezel ring showcases up to four different sands and/or elements and three beautiful bezels filled with our larimar stone to keep your favorite travel memories and aspirations close at hand always. Get creative and fill yours with sand, power stones, flowers or other elements from fantastic experiences that are uniquely yours.

Made with a beautiful Mother of Pearl gemstone and set in 18k Gold Plated or 925 Sterling Silver. Spin the ring to the reverse to reveal a hand-engraved hidden message of your choice. This beautiful piece is worn as a symbol of protection.

Luscious and vibrant flavors of crisp white peach, fresh cut melon, tart strawberry, hibiscus, and lime blossom – complemented by perfect minerality, balanced acidity, and a generous and refreshing finish.

This thoughtfully curated ensemble of delights will have her smiling all day long: A whimsical “Breakfast Wine” 16 oz. gold foil-stamped mug; a sampling of rich, dainty madeleines from Donsuemor artisanal bakers; a box of Tea Forte Herbal Retreat Organic Teas; and a bottle of 2017 Brut Rosé, with its blissful perfume of strawberry, white cherry, and honeysuckle.

CG Fine Foods distributes the highest quality frozen seafood from the Mediterranean. CG products can be found in the best restaurants in Los Angeles chosen by some of the greatest chefs as a staple product in their kitchens! Order your box today.

Dressed as Disney’s iconic character Cruella De Vil, an elegant young lady enjoys the sumptuous feeling of her faux fur while a Dalmatian puppy playfully rests in the luxurious folds of her cape!

Sync and share your music while you're on the move--this two-in-one tumbler has a removable speaker built into the base. You can keep your playlist front and center without needing an extra hand for a separate wireless speaker, and pump it up even further with the integrated lights that flash while music is playing.

Each Tiffany & Co. creation is a work of brilliant craftsmanship and stunning beauty. From the jewelry house that adorned Audrey Hepburn and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis comes an exclusive and chic eyewear collection of unrivaled luxury. Every pair of these precious sunglasses arrives in the distinctive and famous Tiffany Blue® Box!

Roborock is a game changer of a two-in-one robot vacuum which will recognise and avoid rugs and carpets to make your life easier.

The Roborock makes quick work of messes on hard surfaces, as well as pulling up debris from the carpet. By default, the S7 will auto-detect dirt everywhere!

The softest throw you’ll ever own! The KeikiCo jumbo throw is 72" x 60" double sided with plush coordinating fur binding for a beautiful finish! It’s insanely fabulous and sure to be a hit.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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