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NEW episode of D23 Inside Disney — Kenneth Branagh talks "Artemis Fowl", Disneyland Resort's Update!

Here are some of the amazing things happening on Disney + right now!

Sir Kenneth Branagh (our first Knight!) who talks about making Artemis Fowl—which debuts TODAY, Friday on Disney+.

D23 Inside Disney: Episode 40 Director Kenneth Branagh talks about makingArtemis Fowl—which debuts today on Disney+., Judi Dench’s practical joke on Josh Gad, where to find his secret cameo in the film, building the world of Thor, and creating the dazzling ball for Cinderella.

In other Disney News:

  • Disneyland Resort announces phased reopening plans – and throw to Parks Blog

  • A Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge VR experience coming from Occulus

  • Walt Disney Archives documentary to debut for its 50th anniversary 

  • Diary of a Future President renewed at Disney+

  • A Disney “Fun House” opens at Shanghai Children’s Center 

  • Secret Society of Second-Born Royals premieres July 17 on Disney+

  • Five Fantastic Things to watch this weekend!


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