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Non-Toxic Cookware to Heat up Your Summer Cooking & Entertaining!

Elevate At-Home Culinary Experiences with Timeless Kitchen Essentials from Tuxton Home

Non-Toxic Cookware to Heat up Your Summer Cooking & Entertaining

Whether you’re planning to spend more time in the backyard this summer due to COVID-19 guidelines, or you’re simply in the market for top grade kitchenware, Tuxton Home offers a variety of timeless culinary essentials that is sure to sizzle your at-home cooking and entertaining. From top quality products like ceramic dinnerware and bakeware, to stainless steel cookware and accessories, Tuxton Home brings the leading kitchen essentials to families and individuals across the nation in hopes of making the home cooking space an enjoyable, convenient, and easy experience for all.

Offering restaurant-grade kitchenware, the third generation family-owned business has put together its list of top home use products that are sure to elevate your next culinary creation, delicious take-out, or outdoor soirée.

Add a pop of color with the Concentrix Collection ($63 - $248)

Mix and match or curate an all-matching assortment in your favorite color from the sumptuous Concentrix Collection. Perfect for transitioning through seasons, choose from a variety of items like dinner plates, salad plates, soup bowls and mugs; or give your kitchen the upgrade it deserves and purchase the 12-piece set. Each piece is oven, microwave, dishwasher, and freezer safe. Lead and cadmium free, and come with lifetime chip-free guarantee.

Elevate your takeout with dishes from Kona Entertaining Collection ($73 - $252)

Inspired by the volcanic lava flows of Hawaii, the Kona Collection brings nature to your table with a modern flair. Each piece features an embossed lava flow pattern, creating a modern, yet organic presentation. The lush, vibrant glazes react differently with each item, so every piece is truly an original. Designed for heavy-duty use, every product is thermal shock tested and the ceramics are both microwave friendly and dishwasher-safe, making re-heating and cleaning up a breeze!

Don’t be afraid to take whisks with Duratux Mini Bakeware ($37 - $88)

Bake with the exact items the pros all of the sizes, shapes, and variations you can imagine. Guaranteed to last through years of freezing, baking, broiling, caramelizing! Now, these mini bakeware won't go baking your heart. Not intended for stovetop use.

Spice up your dinner spread with Concentrix Cookware ($99 - $415)

Match your cookware to your kitchen aesthetic with a stainless-steel cookware set by Concentrix, or color your kitchen with a 2-piece open nonstick frypan set and choose from six different colors. Ready to really turn up the heat? Upgrade your kitchen to ‘pro’ level with the 10-piece housewarming set including: a covered saucepan, covered casserole, covered stockpot, covered nonstick frypan, and another frypan. Colors available in black, cobalt blue, cayenne red, blush pink, cilantro green, or saffron yellow.

Beef up your cooking with the Patented Sous Vide Pot ($167)

Sous vide fiends, gadget lovers, and devotees of the perfectly cooked steak, listen up! This is the summer essential for you – The Chef Series Sous Vide Pot from Tuxton Home. You no longer have to order from your favorite luxury restaurant to get a perfectly cooked sous-vide steak. Now, you can buy your own sous vide machine and cook whatever you want to perfection. Includes heavy-gauge, triple-clad stainless steel 9.8qt stockpot, silicone-rimmed tempered glass lid with 2.4" Sous Vide adapter and removable stainless-steel stopper.

Ergonomically designed and kid friendly, Tuxton Home products are durable, dependable, and come with a lifetime guarantee, ensuring enjoyable experiences through years of home-cooked meals and at-home celebrations. Free shipping is available for all online orders. For a list of limited time offers and sales visit this link. Upgrade your kitchen to Tuxton Home today and visit to shop and learn more information.

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Tuxton Home

Launched in 2017, Tuxton Home is the retail branch of parent company Tuxton China and has curated collections of stylish, superior quality products that have surpassed the highest standards required by culinary professionals. As a leading supplier of top-quality restaurant grade kitchenware, Tuxton Home specializes in a variety of products like ceramic dinnerware and bakeware, to stainless steel cookware and accessories. Created to be durable, consistent, and sustainable, Tuxton Homes provides products perfect for the professional level kitchen or the at-home chef. For more information visit


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