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ONWARD is Magic and Adventure That's Waiting For You!

Thank you, Disney- PIXAR for inviting us to a pre-screening of ONWARD. ONWARD is filled with magic, adventure, and pure love, word of advice, take your tissues. As you all know my father passed away September 2019, watching ONWARD had me in tears, I mean literally ugly crying. The story is based on two brothers who have the opportunity to bring their father back for 24 hours and this when their quest filled with shenanigans begins and it’s filled with laugh out loud moments and “OH NO WATCH OUT!”

Single mom Laurel (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) has raised, her two boys Ian Lightfoot (voiced by Spider-Man Tom Holland) and older brother Barley (voiced by Star-Lord Chris Prat) in a mythical and magical world filled with fantasy creatures, centaurs, and unicorns. Their world was once filled with magic, however, when technology comes along it's much easier to use the amenities on hand versus remembering spells. So people abandoned magic, and magic slowly disappeared. Our story begins on Ian’s 16th birthday, which is when his late father arranged for him and his older brother to get a gift he left behind for them, a wizarding staff along with a spell that would let him return to the land of the living for one day to see how much they’ve grown. When Ian starts the incantation everything goes crazy haywire and his father reappears, only the bottom half! Here’s where you’ll be on the edge of you seat either laughing and or crying, they have 24 hours to find a gem they need to complete the spell and spend the little time they have with their father so they decide to bring him along! YES, the bottom half and to make things easier, they attach a stuffed torso to his glowing waist and lead him along with a leash. My son was cracking up, he couldn’t get enough of a half dad being yanked around everywhere.

As Ian and Barley embark on their adventure they learn to trust and respect each other without realizing it. Each sees through the others eyes of the other how they remember their father and how they coped with their father’s death. I was in tears, when they were talking about their dad I couldn’t stop crying, what a miracle it would be if we had a magical staff to bring back a loved one for 24 hours, I have so much to say and ask.

ONWARD will have you believe with all your heart that magic is real (no, not bringing back loved ones) that hope and love exist. That wanting something with all your heart and going after it will bring more than you ever thought you’ve desired. Hold your loved ones close and cherish every minute, life is fleeting so live it exactly how you want to!

I will leave you with this thought, every wild thought you’ve ever had, every dream and ambition that weighs your heart, go after it with all your might, that’s how stories are told and legends are made!


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