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Rave® Apples From Stemilt!

Have you ever wondered why give an apple to Our teacher? During the historical era of the American frontier, families took on the responsibility of accommodating and supporting teachers in order to ensure their children could receive an education. As apples were plentiful, students would offer them to teachers both as nourishment and as a heartfelt gesture of gratitude.

So this Back to School year, send your kiddo to school with a Rave Stemilt Apple!


  • Rave@ is the fun brand name of MN55 cultivar apples, which were the natural result of crossing the beloved Honeycrisp and the MonArk from Arkansas.

  • MonArk loves to color and ripen early in the growing season which is why Rave@ is available in early August - - three weeks before other apples, and well before Honeycrisp returns to stores.

  • Rave@ is grown by Stemilt in Washington, Applewood Fresh™ in Michigan, and Yes! Apples® in New York.

  • These apples are sweet with a slight pucker, firm in texture and outrageously juicy. Visually, they have smooth red skin sprinkled with light dots and show an occasional streak of yellow.

  • It's best to enjoy Rave@ apples for a fresh snack. Yes, it has attitude, but not enough to take the heat of an oven.


As Rave® is the season's first apple, available right on time for Back-to-School, Rave® apple growers are proud to partner this year with Back2School America, the nonprofit renowned for its Build-A-Kit program that provides vital school supplies for students in need. Together they are working towards a goal of donating 2,000 kits to low-income students across the country to equip them with the tools they need to start the school year off right.

Every Rave@ apple purchased supports this goal, making them the perfect choice for a school snack or of course, a special gift for your favorite teacher. To participate, consumers can simply buy Rave® apples in their local grocery stores until the season ends in late October.


  • Stemilt is a family-owned business that has been growing, packing, and marketing their "World Famous Fruit" for six generations.

  • Stemilt cultivates people and delights consumers through excellence. Proudly owned and operated for generations by the Mathison family, Stemilt fosters community and maintains a deep appreciation for the people--kindly referred to as "Stemilters" - who help make World Famous Fruit accessible nationwide.

  • Stemilt fruits can be found all across the country in local produce aisles and can be distinguished by the PLU Sticker on the fruit itself.

  • Stemilt is committed to not just producing the highest quality fruits, but doing so through an environmentally-sustainable and socially-responsible business model. This is reflected in their Responsible Choice@ program which includes Kyle Mathison's World Famous multi-acre compost farm that regenerates green waste into custom, nutrient-rich fertilizer to be used on the orchards.

Have a great school year!

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