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RUGRATS Premieres May 27th on Paramount+!

CLICK HERE to Watch the Official Trailer

Thank you Paramount+ and RUGRATS cast for inviting me to the virtual press junket! I had an exceptional afternoon interviewing the RUGRATS voice talent, E.G. Daily (Tommy Pickles), Cheryl Chase (Angelica Pickles), Cree Summer (Susie Carmichael), Kath Soucie (Phil and Lil DeVille) and Nancy Cartwright (Chuckie).

My inner child was screaming the entire time! I’ve been watching the RUGRATS since the 90’s and now I can watch it with my kiddo, and I can’t wait.

BelAirMommie: How do you relate to your character and what you would like audience goers to learn from your character.

Cree: The representation that she is really a true depiction of a little brown girl, her hair, her family, how healthy and beautiful they are. And the thing I love most about is her big fat heart because she’s compassionate. And she's a good friend, she stands up for her friends. She's not afraid to stand up for what's right.

What I like audiences to take away, I hope every little brown girl sees themselves because cartoons are the first time that we really see ourselves on TV when we're little cartoons. Let us believe that we can be anything was great. Kath: For me, before I speak about Phil, I just would like to say about Suzy and Jackie, what I love about Chucky is that he is a nervous little guy. And the world does have a lot of challenges for him. But I think he shows little kids how to try to be brave, you know how to try to be an adventurer. And lots of times he really does rise to the occasion. And he is brave. And I think that's a beautiful lesson.

As far as Susie is concerned, I feel like she's really stepping up even more in this new

incarnation of the show. It was always Tommy who was the leader. Now I feel like we have a strong male leader, Tommy, and now we have a strong female leader in Suzy, she knows how to stand up for what's right. She knows how to be a good friend. She teaches the kids how it's important to stand up for your pals. Suzie is always ready for a good time even though all the other kids are screaming and crying, she is laughing and wanting more adventure. And she's a girly girl, but she also loves to play in the mud.

And Phil teaches the kids how to have each other's back. You know how to support your little brother, your little sister or your twin. And Phil, I think his claim to fame is that he really is his own man. You know what I mean? It's like you do you? I just be over here doing me.

Cheryl Chase: Let's see, from Angelica, like what would I What would I want my audience to learn from Angelica? Yes,be wary, because she can, she can dole out the boldface lies and the snarky insults so you got to be careful. And she likes to create all kinds of crazy schemes. And this is all with the babies with the adults. She likes to add. She likes to be sugary sweet.

E.G Daily: I would say for Tommy, I think they've always been learning from Tommy, which is that he speaks his mind. He doesn't necessarily have to follow everyone to, he's a risk taker. So like, Angelica might say something, but then at the end of the day, so he's going to do what he feels is the right thing. I think that if anything, is to really follow what feels right to you and not just follow the pack and then bring the pack with you. Because you're following your heart and there's there's no other better direction.

Nancy: I think what I liked most about Chucky, he's just like most children, he's discovering things and he's got some trepidations. And he kind of counts on his family or his little friends. He's got his dad, but his little world with Tommy right beside him, and he's got these fears he's trying to get through them. And you know, Tommy's trying to be the leader, and out of that Chucky grows from that. He's naturally got some hesitation. But out of that comes this little guy. And sometimes I'm just the big brave dog. I'm a big brave dog that comes out of that, and

one of the best lines I've got to say.

BelAirMommie: Tell me what is one or two things you love about your character? And are you similar to your characters?

Ashley: I just love her kindness. I think that she is just inherently kind and wants to do the best she can with everyone and everything. But also I think she has a fear that she's always kind of having to fight through to do a lot of things and I think I very much relate to that like being scared. I relate to it; standing up for your family when you need to, or that's just one of my favorite qualities about her. You can see the fear but she doesn't let it stop her. And I love that she's brave.

Tommy: The widow, I love Stu's unwavering optimism despite not having the best success rate in his trade. I'm him I like him. I not I wish I was that optimistic. I tried to be but what I am like him and I do have a bit of a nervous energy which I think which is really cute between students ed is they're both kind of they're both kind of hyped.

And, also, I think both Stu and DD have this sense of adventure. They're making stuff they're putting it out in the world what kind of cool ways can I engage with the world around me? And I do think I have a bit of that in me, just that, call it a spirit spirit of adventure.

They're both really unconventional. It's just super cool and really, they're so supportive of the other doing the like funky stuff. Yeah, it's really cool.

Hold on to your bottles, because the Rugrats are back for their “bigger-est” adventures yet.

Tune into Paramount+ Thursday, May 27 for RUGRAT Premiere!

The new Rugrats follows the “even bigger adventures born from the color imaginations of Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, Lil, Susie and Angelica.”

In the one-hour premiere, appropriately titled “Second Time Around,” Tommy leads the babies on a daring adventure to help Chuckie after his big attempt to be brave goes horribly wrong.

I can’t begin to explain how excited I am for the new RUGRATS! The show has come full circle for me, I may now watch it with my kiddo and share all the antics the kids get into.

The original voice actors E.G. Daily (Tommy), Nancy Cartwright (Chuckie), Cheryl Chase (Angelica), Cree Summer (Susie) and Kath Soucie (Phil and Lil) will reprise their iconic roles. New cast additions include Veep trio Tony Hale, Anna Chlumsky and Timothy Simons. Hale will take over the role of neurotic musician Chas Finster (aka Chuckie’s father), while Chlumsky and Simons will voice Angelica’s ‘rents, city councilwoman Charlotte and pharmaceutical rep Drew.

New to the RUGRATS franchise is Ashley Rae Spillers (Vice Principals) as Tommy’s mother Didi, a passionate artisan and blogger; Tommy Dewey (Casual) as Tommy’s father Stu, an optimistic inventor; Natalie Morales (Dead to Me) as Phil and Lil’s mother Betty, Didi’s best friend and coffeehouse owner; Nicole Byer (Nailed It!) as Susie’s mother Lucy, a fun and generous physician; Omar Miller (The Unicorn) as Susie’s father Randy, an affable and good-natured science teacher; and Michael McKean (Better Call Saul) as Grandpa Lou Pickles, an active senior who enjoys yoga.







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