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Summer Camp 2022!

Enrich Your Child's Summer, here are the Perfect Summer Camp(s) To Keep Your Child Engaged.

1. Disney Imagination Campus offering Arts & Humanities, Science & Technology, and Leadership & Innovation. Disney Youth Programs is Now Disney Imagination Campus with Reimagined Workshops! Destinations: Walt Disney World Resort, Disneyland Resort, Your Future.

Disney Imagination Campus launched January 2022 with a collection of interactive workshops, performances and special events touching on a variety of subjects, including performing arts, technology, science, humanities and leadership.

Eilert Hanoa, CEO of Kahoot!: “Kahoot!’s long-standing relationship with Disney is now expanding beyond the classroom, bringing interactive learning experiences to the Disney Parks designed for Disney Imagination Campus students. Whether students are visiting the Disney Parks for a day or participating in workshops, we’ve developed interactive, self-guided challenges that will test their comprehension and retention of key learning objectives during their visit. This is a holistic, groundbreaking, and experiential approach to education.”

2. Camp Galileo, with a mix of science, art, and outdoor activities, Camp Galileo balances educational and creative projects with traditional camp FUN.

Enrich Your Child's Summer At Galileo Summer Camps. Register Online Today. Affordable Summer Camp Programs For Children, Pre-K through 10th Grade.

Camp Galileo has over 70+ summer camp locations across Northern and Southern California, Chicagoland, Denver, Seattle and Washington D.C., all focused on inspiring children to envision and create a better world!

Use LIVE15 to revive 15% off camp!

3. Coder School, What makes theCoderSchool Pasadena different is that they are project-based, rather than exercise-based method. Kids learn what they need to code instead of just doing exercises around a certain concept.

The three C's: There unique program will equip any student with life skills of creativity, critical thinking (logic, breaking complex problems into manageable chunks), and confidence.

  • Leading Los Angeles after-school coding program an affiliated with #1 after-school coding program in Silicon Valley

  • theCoderSchool Pasadena is one of 50 locations of this nationwide franchise (franchise has existed 9 years)

  • What makes us different is that we are project-based, rather than exercise-based method. Kids learn what they need to code instead of just doing exercises around a certain concept.

  • Specialize in coding to kids ages 7 -18 years old. “Code Coaching” is our most popular teaching and students are taught one-to-one or two-to-one (groups of friends sometimes come as a three or four-some). Private classes means we get to teach Computer Science in ways that inspire and excite each student. The individualized projects are centered around their passions because we know they'll work longer/harder and persist in the face of challenges when they are working on projects they really care about.

  • They are proud to have been named as one of LA's hidden gems and to have our unique teaching style featured on Passion Processor podcast Future-Proof Kids!

  • Students sign up at a time convenient for them for weekly lessons and start working on a project from Day 1. They offer free 30 minute trials to experience what a lesson is like. Sign-up on website.

4. Destination Science: The Fun Science Day Camp for Curious Kids! Summer Themes Include Robots, Space & More.

While making fun discoveries, participating in engaging activities, and building cool science projects we do TWO things for every child: Kids develop confidence and enthusiasm about science as they gain knowledge about how the world around them works. Kids build character and skills for life—including Curiosity, Creativity, Critical Thinking, Cooperation, Persistence and more.

5. Baketivity Virtual Baking Camp, Roll up your sleeves and get ready to spend the summer learning in the kitchen with the Baketivity Bake-a-Camp Box!

Stay in and bring the fun to you! Bake-a-camp 2022’s epic program will keep you on your toes as you master advanced baking skills while exploring various cultures from around the world.

Take an in-depth trip around the world from the comfort of your home and accomplish more every day!


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