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Summer Fun Outdoor Activities Games are Here!


Get ready for the trendiest new game on any green!

Create your own course with real golf action, just about anywhere you choose with BIRDIE GOLF, new from Hog Wild. Place the weighted flag cup on any surface to create the course. Then, set the ball on its uniquely designed, built-in “birdie-tail” stand, and F-O-R-E! The ball goes flying, and its birdie tail keeps it in play, no matter how powerful the swing! The unique birdie design prevents the ball from rolling away, keeping the play close and exciting. Plus, it’s perfectly portable for on-the-go fun. Great for all ages and skill levels.

For ages 4+

Available Now

Retailers: Amazon, Dicks Sporting Goods MSRP: $39.99

Pop and Pass

Pop and Pass, new from Hog Wild, brings playing catch to a whole new level of fun! Grab a launcher and insert the soft foam ball. Simply pull back the handle to load, then get ready launch. A fun and oddly satisfying “bloop” sound effect accompanies each pop and pass! The functional basket design, auto-reload and hands-free operation makes of Pop & Pass super fun and easy for all ages.

Comes with 2 launchers and 3 balls. Refill packs are sold separately.

For ages 6+ Available Now Retailer: Amazon MSRP: $24.99

Marshmallow Blaster Double Barrel Blaster

Launch a barrage of soft, sweet marshmallow treats indoors or out from the new Marshmallow Blasters from Zing! Marshmallows provides a soft, hearty laugh on impact – thanks to its edible ammo! Great for kids of all ages! PRO TIP: Add cornstarch to your Marshmallow Blaster and watch a cool puff of white dust form as you launch them!

New styles include:

Double the marshmallows, double the fun! Simply pump on the handle on the back of this Blaster, filling the cylinder chamber with air, and watch your marshmallows fly, with launching distances up to 40 feet! The easy-to-fill cylinder holds 50 mini marshmallows.

For ages: 8+

Available: Now

Retailers: Amazon, Zing.Store MSRP: $30.99


Sand Drilling Rig (70064): Looking to build a cool sand fortress, then a Drilling Rig is a must-have tool! Drill holes or burrow tunnels in the sand with ease. Simply disconnect the drill from the truck, hold the handle, and twist into the sand to start drilling. The basket with the flag can be used to lower the builder into the hole to inspect the construction. Set includes one construction worker, sand truck with sand drill, and basket with flag.

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