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"Supermarket Sweep" Hosted by Leslie Jones Coming SUNDAY OCT 18 8|7c to ABC

Who’s ready to go to the market, the SUPERMARKET SWEEP! Thank you ABC for inviting me to interview the ever fabulous and funny Leslie Jones and pre-screening an episode. When I was interviewing Leslie, my little one ran up to our junket and said, “that’s zeta from ANGRY BIRDS,” and immediately followed with, “whatever she’s doing you know it’ll be funny!”

He nailed it, the show is hilarious. When we watched the first episode not only were we both laughing but screaming at the TV! We were jumping up and down yelling, “grab the inflatable, grab the crockpot, get the TURKEY.”

Supermarket Sweep superfan Leslie Jones is just as excited to be host of ABC's reboot as the contestants playing for $100,000.

Q: After months of rehearsals via Zoom while production was on hold due to the pandemic, what was your first day of shooting like?

LESLIE JONES: Everybody was positive the first day of shooting, we all got checked for COVID, kept 6 ft apart. I was really excited about interacting with the contestants, thrilles to see who’ll win, and meeting everyone from all walks of life, that’s the best part, meeting everyone.

Q: You’ve said you always wanted to be a contestant on the old version of this show. And you’ve been a celebrity player on shows including The $100,000, so you know what’s at stake!

LESLIE JONES: Supermarket Sweep is not as easy as it looks, you think you know where everything is but when you’re there, it’s stressful, some freeze because it’s overwhelming but everyone is has fun! I know grocery stores, and I know what the hell is expensive and what’s not. It’s just a show for regular people. It’s not like other game shows, you don’t have to know 17 states and s---; you just have to know where the steaks are.

On your carts, Get set, and Go check out the return of Supermarket Sweep hosted by Leslie Jones.! So the next time you’re at the checkout stand and you hear the beep, think of all the fun you could have on Supermarket Sweep!

Supermarket Sweep premieres Sunday, Oct. 18 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.


The classic TV game show "Supermarket Sweep," hosted and executive produced by Emmy Award-nominated comedienne and actress Leslie Jones, is a fast-paced and energetic series following three teams of two as they battle it out using their grocery shopping skills and knowledge of merchandise to win big cash prizes. The original format aired on ABC from 1965-1967 and went on to become a global sensation, including runs in the 1990s and early 2000s. It was adapted in 13 international territories and, most recently, relaunched in the U.K. "Supermarket Sweep" is produced by Fremantle. Executive producers include Alycia Rossiter, Leslie Jones, Wes Kauble, Jennifer Mullin and Hunter Seidman.


"Supermarket Sweep"

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