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VAMPIRE.PIZZA, Play if You Dare!

During this crazy time of quarantine, everyone desperately needs entertainment and good comfort food. Enter: Vampire.Pizza, a bold, new immersive pop-up restaurant bringing much-needed excitement straight to customers’ homes, and delivered (of course) by a mysterious, ageless vampire. Vampire.Pizza is an “amusement park in a box,” giving people an affordable way to turn their home into a world of mystery while providing a meal to go along with it. The interactive experience is a collaboration between local pizza makers and experiential artists, to create a truly innovative dinner activity that the whole family can really sink their teeth into, all while safely self-isolating.

The Vampire.Pizza pop-up launched earlier this month and completely sold out its delivery reservations within 96 hours. Following the wildly successful run,Vampire.Pizza will be making another round of Los Angeles deliveries from May 1-3. Angelenos can begin making reservations on April 23 at

Players can order Vampire.Pizza for two people ($33/person) or four people ($28/per person), and receive pizza, salad, dessert and a game kit with an immersive story and mystery game. The 60-90 minute experience allows secret passage into the world of Belle and her Vamps. She’s a leader who has created a pizza delivery service as a cover to unite vampires (they’re alive and well in modern day Los Angeles) and start a revolution.

Vampire.Pizza is the brainchild of Josh Sugarman, Ravel’s chief experience officer. He saw the void in restaurant dining in the time of coronavirus needing to be filled in a new, fun and creative way. “We wanted to replicate this sense of story, discovery, surprise, all the things we used to take for granted at a good restaurant,” says Sugarman. Over the course of two weeks, he assembled a group of artists and storytellers who had been laid off or furloughed, to imagine the world of Vampire.Pizza.

A portion of the proceeds from the pop-up will be donated to the League of Experiential and Immersive Artists (LEIA) emergency fund, which is providing direct relief to artists in the LA community impacted by the crisis. “We’ve already heard of guests planning Zoom calls to eat and play together. That’s exactly what this is about. If this can bring people a bit closer together even while apart, we’ve done our job,” added Sugarman.

Customers can place their orders online, selecting either a delivery date and time, or a contactless pickup option. Belle and her Vamps strive to provide a safe and contactless experience. Delivery vamps are asked to follow CDC guidelines upon arrival. Immersive story and game materials have been sterilized and sealed.  Human and Vamp families are in this together.


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