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Even though this year’s Halloween is gonna “SUCK,“ wanted to let you know Vampire.Pizza is back for Halloween weekend (Friday Oct. 30 & Saturday Oct. 31)!

What’s Vampire Pizza?

Vampire.Pizza is an immersive game where pizza and puzzles are delivered directly to your door. Through online videos and paper game materials, Chapter 1 spun a story of vampire revolution that felt bigger than the average play-at-home escape game. The puzzles weren't diabolical, which made Vampire.

Vampire Pizza is the work of Josh Sugarman of Ravel and Ghost Pizza Kitchenon Melrose, and follows a vampire narrative, with pizzas originating from the secretive “Belle’s Family Kitchen.” Pizza and game kits come in two- or four-person packs, including some pretty snazzy packaging!

Delivery & Pick-Up Hours:

Friday: 5PM - 9PM Saturday: 11AM - 9PM


Party of 2 is $32.99/person OR Party of 4 is $27.99/person


For those outside of the delivery zone, orders will be available for curbside pick-up at Ghost Pizza Kitchen (7751 1/2 Melrose Ave).

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