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VEGAN-EASE Recipes by Laura Theodore!


An Easy Guide to Enjoying a

Plant-Based Diet

CHOOSING A PLANT-BASED DIET is made deliciously easy with the new softcover edition of Laura Theodore’s Vegan-Ease: An Easy Guide to Enjoying a Plant-Based Diet, a new approach to living vegan. Written by Laura Theodore, the TASTE award-winning host of public television’s Jazzy Vegetarian, this comprehensive guide is suitable for novice cooks and long-time vegans alike, offering more than 130 step-by-step, wholesome, “eco-nomical,” and satisfying recipes that are quick and easy, each complete with nutritional analysis. Enhanced by over 200 gorgeous, full-color photographs, each recipe is ranked with an Ease-Factor to make it easy to choose recipes that fit into any busy schedule, using ingredients already on hand. This cookbook and guide includes all you need to know to embrace a cost-saving, healthier lifestyle for you and your family. This softcover edition was released September, 2020.

Laura Theodore’s Vegan-Ease is for those cooks who think that plant-based recipes take too much time to prepare, are too expensive, or require exotic, hard-to-find ingredients. Based on her experiences leaving the food mecca that is New York City for the wilds of rural New Jersey, vegan chef and television host Laura Theodore created the concept of “vegan-ease” to show how anyone in this country can easily – and economically – create delicious plant-based meals that will be embraced by any foodie, whether omnivore, vegetarian, or vegan.

Featuring recipes like the "Hungry Guy" Burgerwith Baked Steak Fries, Not-So-Crabby CakesMac ’n Peas with Creamy Butternut Squash Sauce, Peanut-Butter Chocolate Mousse, Maple-Raisin-Date Truffles and Lemon "Buttermilk" Cake, Laura Theodore’s Vegan-Ease offers every cook an easy, fresh approach to compassionate, mindful – and healthy! – eating.  


  •  Over 200 large full-color photographs of recipes

  •  Comprehensive nutritional information for each recipe

  • Expert nutritional guidance from Julieanna Hever, MS, RD, CPT

  • Ease-Factor ranking for each recipe helps you plan your meals to fit your schedule

  •  Colorful, well laid-out presentation and easy-to-use index

  •  Many recipes with five ingredients, or fewer

  •  Twelve full menu plans for any occasion, with recipes from book

  •  Basic shopping lists to help cut costs at the grocery store

  •  Helpful cooking tips and Chef’s Notes throughout the book

  •  Recipes range from lighter fare to hearty and satisfying

  •  Foreword by Mainstreet Vegan author, Victoria Moran

  •  Watch Laura prepare ten recipes (online) in step-by-step videos

"Laura Theodore’s Vegan-Ease is a fantastic resource for anyone who wants to eat delicious food and get healthy, without putting too much time or money into it—and let’s be honest, is there anyone out there who doesn’t want this? If you think that nutrition, taste-factor, and ease can’t all come in one package when it comes to food, this book will cause you to think again. Laura Theodore has put together a collection of helpful tips and tasty recipes that make plant-based eating easier than ever. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to read and use this great book!"

-- Neal Barnard, M.D. President, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

Laura Theodore’s Vegan-Ease gracefully dispels the most persistent myths about plant-based meals, proving that they’re not time-consuming, expensive, or overly exotic. What she does prove is that enjoying vegan food is easy, delicious, and incredibly satisfying.”

- Nava Atlas, author of Wild About Greens and Vegan Holiday Kitchen

“WOW...My mouth waters every time I flip through these pages! For those who thought vegans only ate salads, Laura's book will open the minds and the refrigerators of kitchens everywhere.”

- Lisette Oropesa, Metropolitan Opera Star, Marathoner, and Vegan




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