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Zoe Saldana, MAYA and THE THREE on Netflix!

Thank you Netflix, Zoe Saldana for sitting down and talking with us about the upcoming MAYA AND THREE. I have to admit, our interview with Zoe was so spectacular that I’ve included the entire interview, uncut, she’s priceless. I hope you enjoy MAYA AND THE THREE – Coming to Netflix October 22, we LOVED IT!


Q: I wanted to know what similarities do you have to your character and what would you like your audience goers to take away?

Zoe Saldana: The similarities that I have with Maya--thank you. That's actually a really great question. It's--I do remember what it was like to know who I was and know what I wanted to do. And I remember, you know, my mom, my dad, and my grandma, like, always wanting me to be what they thought that I should do.

You know, the--it's such a universal thing, you know, and me being really radical and very rebellious about that. I remember being 15 and thinking that, oh, my God, it's the end of the world. And I think that's--it was just refreshing to sort of get to revisit those emotions.

I feel like the biggest takeaway are a couple in this--you know, in this story. To have a female heroine at the helm of a beautiful, adventurous, aesthetically amazing epic story, it's "More, please." You know, like you want--we need that. That representation does matter. It is primordial. It is essential to the building of a person's identity, to the building of someone's character, not just of one singular person but also of a community and then eventually of a nation. I think that's so important now.

What I like about the way that Jorge Gutierrez and Sandra do it is that they come from a place of love and celebration rather than from a place of social justice. So, all of these nuances of Mesoamerican cultures and Caribbean sort of like, you know, cultural tones are just an icing on a cake that is all about family and love and loss and action and friendship and identity, not just of cultural identity but also, like, you know, gender identity. And--but it's done in a very subtle but also very mature way, and his main audience are young people.

So, everything about the way Jorge is creating sort of a career for himself lets you know that his talent is undeniable, but also, like, his heart is really big. But I can talk about Jorge, you know, all day.

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MAYA AND THE THREE – Coming to Netflix October 22

In a fantastical world, where magic turns the world and four kingdoms rule the lands, a brave and rebellious warrior princess named Maya is about to celebrate her fifteenth birthday and coronation. But everything changes when the gods of the underworld arrive and announce that Maya's life is forfeit to the God of War — a price she must pay for her family's secret past. If Maya refuses, the whole world will suffer the gods’ vengeance. To save her beloved family, her friends, and her own life, Maya embarks on a thrilling quest to fulfill an ancient prophecy that foretells the coming of three great warriors who will help her defeat the gods and save humankind.

From creator Jorge R. Gutiérrez (EL TIGRE, THE BOOK OF LIFE), MAYA AND THE THREE is a Netflix Animated Event told in nine epic chapters. Set in a fictional fantasy world, MAYA AND THE THREE is an adventure full of heart and humor, inspired by a rich, vibrant mixture of Aztec, Maya, and Inca mythology, and modern-day Caribbean culture. Starring Zoe Saldaña as Princess Maya, Gabriel Iglesias as Picchu, Allen Maldonado as Rico, Stephanie Beatriz as Chimi, Diego Luna as Zatz, Gael García Bernal as The Jaguar Triplets, Alfred Molina as the God of War, Kate del Castillo as the Goddess of Death, Danny Trejo as the God of Earthquakes, Cheech Marin as the Gods of Wind & Storm, Rosie Perez as the Goddess of Gators, Queen Latifah as Gran Bruja, Wyclef Jean as Gran Brujo, Jorge R. Gutiérrez as King Teca, Sandra Equihua as Queen Teca, Isabela Merced as the Widow Queen, Chelsea Rendon as the Goddess of Tattoos, Joaquín Cosío as the God of Bats, Carlos Alazraqui as the God of Dark Magic, Eric Bauza as the God of Jungle Animals and Rita Moreno as Ah Puch.




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